Thank you for accessing the Website (“Site”). In this Privacy Policy, we explain how we handle your personal information, and introduce the steps we have taken to keep your personal information safe and secure. By using our services and/or registering for an account under this Site, you are agreeing to the terms and practices described in this Policy, and you are consenting to the Site’s collection, usage, retention, protection, and, under exceptional circumstances, disclosure of your personal information. By using this Site, you accept that there are certain information you are required to provide in order to be given access to all of our Site’s features and services. Please take the time to read through our Privacy Policy, and feel free to contact us at ( for any questions.

Definition: “Personal information”

“Personal information” refers to any information concerning a person’s identity, whether publicly accessible to other buyers and sellers, or information that is private, but the Site has or is likely given access to. This term covers a user’s name and contact information, his membership, account details and activities, photograph, shop information, transactions using eWallet, buying and selling preferences, purchase and/or sales history, communication with other buyers or sellers coursed through this Site via private messaging, and other similar data.

Collection of Information

Information is gathered from all users of this Site, whether they are members or mere visitors, from the moment they gain access to The information we collect helps us to learn about customer usage and preferences, to personalize the Site’s features and to improve our services.

We collect, process, and retain personal information from you and any devices (including mobile devices) that you may use when you register for membership, browse sellers’ shops, click on items for sale, supply us with basic information on your account, communicate with other buyers and sellers, or when you talk to customer service regarding an issue or a dispute. These allow us to customize your experience, and ensure that you have access to features that are most helpful or most relevant to you. Having your personal information on file also leads to a faster and smoother transaction, so you can go about your shopping with ease.

Below are the types of information we gather:

  • Information You Provide

Much of the information we collect comes from data that you directly send or submit to, including your basic personal information when you register for an account, such as your name, home address, contact number and email address; your profile photo; the username and password that you will use for your account; your shop information; information that you generate from a sales transaction; the keywords you use in searching for an item; credit card and other billing information; any comments that you write on a shop owner’s page; any mode or manner of communication between you and another user on our Site; data you filled out in forms, as when you file a dispute or contact our customer service department; and other similar information. While you have the option to withhold information, these are mandatory before you can take advantage of all the Site’s features and services.

  • Automatic Information

When you view and interact with our Site, you provide us with automatic information such as your Internet browser; the particular computer, phone or device you used to access our Site; your browser plug-in types and versions; Internet Protocol (IP) address; computer operating system; geo-location information (when enabled on your device); the number of page views on each advertisement or on each account; traffic to and from the Site; referral URL; page interaction information; page response times; download errors; and other similar technical information.

  • Email Communications

The email address you use in registering an account with will need verification. This allows us to confirm the identities of the members of the Site, and is an added security feature, to minimize instances of fraud. Any email correspondence with the team is recorded and kept for future reference.

  • Information From Other Sources allows its members to include links to their social media accounts. Any personal information retained by the social media sites may automatically be made accessible to, depending on the privacy settings of your social media account and the permissions that you give to viewers.

  • Your networks and connections collects information about the persons you are linked or connected to, the user who referred you to the Site, the members that you have successfully referred, and the persons you interact with. This information allows us to determine browsing and shopping trends, and helps us to enhance the over-all Site experience. This information also serves as a guide in identifying the benefits and commissions that you may receive, in accordance with the Marketing Plan.

  • Billing and Payment Information

There are two instances when your billing and payment information are collected – (1) when you register for a Paid Membership account, and (2) when you use our eWallet payment system in making a purchase or financial transaction within our Site. In either option, you will give us a limited access to your debit or credit card number and other card information, your billing address, delivery address, shipping information such as tracking numbers and delivery updates, your contact information, and the details of each sales transaction. For details regarding our eWallet payment system, please refer to the Terms of Use.

Use of Information may use your personal information for any of the following reasons: (1) To develop and improve the Site’s features and supplemental services; (2) To create a safe and secure platform for both buyers and sellers to transact online; (3) To personalize the content that you receive based on your preferences or search history, as for example when we deliver targeted marketing and promotional offers to your email, or when we suggest items that you may be interested in; (4) To aid us in resolving issues, disputes and any problems that may arise; (5) To communicate with you in response to an inquiry; (6) To resolve an issue or dispute between or among members; (7) To determine the amount of membership fees or monies owed to or to sellers; (8) To prevent, detect, mitigate and investigate fraudulent, prohibited or illegal activities, or activities that violate our Terms of Use and other Policies; and (9) To determine general information about users and visitors of the Site.

Any personal information that we gather from this Site will remain in our records for as long as it is necessary and relevant to our operations. Your personal information and your sales and purchase transactions made within this Site may continue to be accessed and stored for a period of time beyond the closure of your account, when it is accused of violating our Terms of Use and other Policies; when it becomes the subject of a legal request or a governmental investigation; or when it is the subject of a dispute between you and another user on this Site. We may also retain information from accounts that have previously violated our Terms of Use and other Policies in order to prevent these users from creating another account and abusing our system. We may use their information to permanently block or ban them from this Site.

Disclosure of Personal Data will not sell, share, rent, trade, loan, license or otherwise disclose your personally identifiable information or your financial information for commercial purposes, without your express permission. Any disclosure of your personal information will be made under the following circumstances:

  • Disclosure With Your Consent

While only registered users are allowed to take advantage of the Site’s features and services, members of the public may still view and have access to a seller’s shop on Hence, as a seller, your name, profile photo, contact information, and any advertisement, text or photograph that you upload into your shop will be open and accessible to the public.

As a buyer, on the other hand, you only disclose your personal information, payment and shipping details to the seller or shop owner, whenever you make a purchase. The disclosure of your personal information becomes necessary in order to finalize and complete the transaction.

The Site may permit its members to subscribe to newsletters, promotional offers and special deals. When you voluntarily sign up for this service, you consent to the disclosure of your email address according to your preferences.

  • Protection of

We may access and release your personal information in response to legitimate requests from law enforcement officials in relation to ongoing investigations, a valid subpoena or court order, or when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is appropriate in compliance with the law or any legal obligation.

In all other instances, we may also release your personal information, subject to a good faith belief that it is necessary in order to protect ourselves, you or others; to address fraudulent, prohibited or illegal transactions; and to avoid further violations of our Terms of Use and other Policies. For instance, if, for any reason, a transaction fails or is later invalidated, we may disclose details of the unsuccessful transaction to the other user upon request, as part of dispute resolution. The use of this information shall be limited to purposes connected to the sales transaction.

  • Disclosure to Third-Party Service Providers may partner with third-party service providers to help deliver services, assist with payment processing, lead to the prevention, detection, mitigation and investigation of illegal, fraudulent and prohibited activities and transactions, monitor violations of our Terms of Use and other Policies, and other supplemental services.

Sellers on may use third-party service providers to perform some specific functions on their behalf. Any information disclosed to these service providers are given to help the latter accomplish their work or perform the service. For example, a seller may transfer personal information, such as the buyer’s name, delivery address and contact information, to the shipping courier so that the latter may be able to deliver the item to the buyer’s address.

  • Cookies Disclosure may occasionally collect information about you using cookies. Cookies are unique identifiers that are automatically stored onto your web browser as soon as you access the Site. These small text files enable our systems to enhance user experience, improve Site functionality and tailor-fit some features according to your needs and preferences.

While you are free to restrict or disable the use of cookies from your web browser, doing so will prevent you from taking advantage of all of our Site’s essential features and services. We strongly encourage you to enable cookies, as some parts of the Site will not function properly without them.

Security Measures aims to provide a safe and secure online shopping experience for all of its users. We have enforced various physical, electronic and administrative security measures on our databases and facilities, in order to ensure the privacy of our users, and enable them to enter into transactions with utmost confidence. These safeguards have been designed to keep our users’ accounts secure and to minimize the risks of unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration of personal and financial information. Among our security measures are industry-standard firewalls, data encryption, password-protected systems, and information access authorization controls.

Withdrawal of Consent

Your use of signifies acceptance of this Privacy Policy. Should you decide to withdraw your consent to any its stipulations, you will not be allowed to enjoy or have access to all of the Site’s features and services.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We encourage you to review this Privacy Policy from time to time to stay updated, should there be any minor amendments to its provisions. But in case of significant revisions, you will be notified either through your registered email address, or your account, so that you will have the opportunity to review the changes and determine whether you would like to continue enjoying’s features and services under the revised Policy. For any questions, please contact us at (