Every individual dreamt of becoming somebody when we were kids, some of us wanted to become doctors, lawyers, policemen, business owners, and many other things giving our fair share to the society as we see it. Corny as it may sound, but those where our DREAMS! Now, just for a moment try to be HONEST and ask YOURSELF, “Am I really the person whom I wanted to be?” – Frankly, are you?

It’s amazing to see people being stuck and caught up in the “busyness” of life – the activity trap. Pushing ourselves to work harder and harder making our way on top at the ladder of success, only to find out, upon reaching the top, we realized that our ladder was facing the wrong wall. It’s like seeing people being unhappily victorious – we made our part –  but the result was not as expected – the dream was not achieved. If your ladder is not Facing on the RIGHT Wall, the more steps you take, keeps you farther away from your DREAMS.

Beginning at the END is created by imagination – the capacity to visualize, to understand the potentials, construct in our minds what we cannot presently see with our eyes and ethics. Basing on the Principle that ALL Things are CREATED Twice, we create things two ways – First, we create it using our MIND, and then, we build it with our BODY. Before taking action it was visualized – the second obeys the first! Just like a building following the blueprint. This is the same with our personal life. If we don’t have a clear vision of who we are and what we want in our life, we permit other people and situations to mold us and our life by default.

Link ourselves centering in our own UNIQUENESS, making an outline of our personal, moral, and ethical guidelines in which we can contentedly express and achieve it. Beginning in the END means to start each day, mission, and assignment with a clear vision of your preferred direction and destination, then continue by activating your body, keeping it to work, and start moving making possible things happen.

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