CEBU CITY – Home of world-class beach resorts and diving spots! No wonder it’s called the “The Queen City of the South”. Apart from the rich historical background and colorful festivities like the Sinulog Festival in honor of Sto. Nino, Cebu is also considered to be a significant  hub for commercial activities including trade and education in the Visayas and Mindanao Region.
    The City’s huge potential in economy and infrastructure aspects opened the door for UNLIFORYOU Incorporated, a Web-solution and Data Technology Company, to establish its foundation and build a community that supports an advocacy to stop online scamming and improve lives of people with the help of trending internet platforms. The company’s expansion to the Queen City of the South was a huge success not only for UNLIFORYOU Incorporated but to Cebu as well. The event was organized by Mr. Jay Mahinay, a native of Cebu and the Vice President for Marketing of UNLIFORYOU Inc., at the Elegance Circle Hotel last January 23, 2018 where a numerous amount of people attended the event and learn the Secrets of Online Marketing as the right vehicle to achieve time and financial freedom.

    The Cebuano’s warmth and joyful positive attitude, made the event more exciting and shows interest as the Founder and CEO of UNLIFORYOU Inc., Mr. Danny A. Forio, shared his life’s journey as he ventured the world as a high school graduate turned to become a successful business owner. He also imparted some of his secrets on how to properly manage time and money with the help of the internet and other related platforms.

    In Business, It is not what you KNOW!, It is who you KNOW – CEO Danny Forio

    The CEO also highlighted the success story of Mr. Jay Mahinay, a boy that was taken care of nuns and was sent to school finishing college education that turned into a successful business man and online entrepreneur serving and making a change in the life of every people that he meet. The incentive that he received was a well-deserved one, he overcame challenges in the business as he was sometimes being rejected by some people as he shares the good opportunity to achieve time and financial freedom.

    Have a specific Goal, Be consistent in doing what is needed to be done and PERSEVERE until YOU get THERE! – VP Jay Mahinay

    It was with the warm acceptance of the Cebuano’s that paved the way to finally start the construction and site renovation of the 33 Cafe, a coffee shop, located at the F. Ramos St., Borromeo Arcade, Cebu City, this will serve the member and guest of the company that will also accept cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin, Ethereum and Philcoin, the first cryptocurrency for tourism supported and endorsed by UNLIFORYOU Incorporated.
    One of the features of this coffee shop, apart from having quality service and the best tasting coffee and pastry, is having a function room that would cater corporate meetings, classroom discussions and event presentations that is open to everybody that needs the service.
    Indeed, Cebu proved that she is the “Queen of the South” and everyone that wants to experience the warmth of the people will without a doubt never regret of coming over! An experience that will never be forgotten!


    UNLIFORYOU Incorporated was welcomed by the warmth of the blissful people of Bohol, together with the majestic scenery of the world renowned Chocolate Hills and the cute and cuddly Tarsiers. Apart from the natural bounty the place has to offer, Bohol is also known to have a good business atmosphere that is open to any possibilities that life has to offer. That atmosphere, caught the attention of the Founder and CEO of UNLIFORYOU Incorporated, Mr. Danny A. Forio. This triggered the idea of expanding the Web-solution and Data technology company to inspire more people and teach the secrets of Online Marketing.

    The UNLIFORYOU Bohol Team showed exemplary skills on event management and team-work, because of its well organized program and properly coordinated accommodation adding joy and comfort in preparation for the CEO’s arrival on the venue. This showcase of talent added vibrance to words delivered by the CEO that manifested on the people that were inspired and showed interest on what the business can do to their lives.

    If we UNITE through TEAM WORK and COLLABORATION then NOTHING will be IMPOSSIBLE – CEO Danny Forio

    UNLFORYOU Inc. Founder and CEO lecturing on benefits of ONLINE MARKETING

    Romeo Marino

    Through the effort of their fellow Boholano, Mr. Romeo Marino, a teacher and UNLIFORYOU Inc. Bohol Coordinator, almost 200 participants attended the event at the activity area of Pacheco’s Inn last January 20, 2018 in which these people where taught how Online Marketing works and Ways how to make profit out of it. It was also a special day for the Boholanos, as the CEO Danny A. Forio, personally shared his life’s story in front of each and every individual, talking about success and failures he had undertook as he journey to the road of success and financial freedom. He also mentioned the support of the company, on a cryptocurrency called PhilCoin, the first cryptocurrency for Tourism.

    MORE! MORE! MORE! – Excited Boholano’s wanting from the learning they have acquired from the UNLIFORYOU Inc. Founder and CEO Danny Forio

    It was surprising to see pile of people falling in line, just to avail the special offer of the CEO. More than half of the participants immediately became affiliates and showed willingness to learn other programs that the company has to offer! And because of the warm acceptance of the Boholanos, the Founder and CEO, promised to establish a coffee shop for its affiliates and guest  and become another avenue for great bonding, life sharing and mentoring!

    The CEO’s commitment to establish another coffee shop in Bohol will be another addition to chains of coffee shop that will be opened by the company in response to the manifestation of love and unwavering heart to change lives of every individual!