Doing it the RIGHT WAY!


    In this seemingly never never-ending life journey, we always want more of what we already have. We want more of the things that already exists — that’s not bad at some point along the way right?

    One important thing to consider in economics if identifying our WANTS and NEEDS! We would define our NEEDS as the goods and services required including food, clothing, shelter and good health care. WANTS on the other hand are goods and services that are not required that we just wish for which includes brand new car and latest gadgets to name a few.

    All of these are attainable, the only question for us to answer is WHEN and WHAT vehicle would we use to achieve them, RIGHT?

    People never plan to fail, they just fail to plan

    True enough, it is innate for us humans to have shortcuts on everything that we want. We always want things done the EASY WAY, things that require time  and collaboration to gather more information enabling us to make the RIGHT DECISION and ending up making the WRONG ONE!

    This article will help you understand how we should SPEND OUR MONEY WISELY!


    1 Create budget. Monitor your spending and income to have a mental picture of you current financial status. Keeping receipts and taking notes of purchases in a note book. Reviewing what you spent and you’ve earn after a month showing all you’re expenses.

    • Organize your expenses by category (food, clothing, health care and shelter). Having this type of recording may show you the highest category that you spend you money, you may target this categories as an avenue for saving money.
    • Once you have tracked your purchases, create a limit to every category you have made. Ensure that the total expense budget is lesser that the income you currently have. You will notice that your starting to have extra money to save!

    2 Write what you NEED. Having unplanned and sudden decisions of purchasing things will cause a sudden increase in expenditures.

    • Having a primary visit before going on spending will give you the edge, gathering data of price difference on similar products will help decide what to prioritize spending less time at the store making less money to spend.
    • Treat every purchase important, this will motivate you ta have right decisions!
    • Trying something or accepting free sample may affect you’re decision on buying! The experience may convince you to decide now and not considering it carefully in advance.

    In life, it is not how much you EARN, it is how much you SAVE

    3 Shop alone. Bring someone close to you, friend, relatives and even children, may influence to spend extra money on unplanned purchases. If you want some questions to be answered, ask politely and listen to their opinion and listen carefully, don’t take advises from store employee’s on purchasing decision, ignore them. If they won’t leave you alone, leave the store and be return if already decided.

    4Pay FULL in CASH. Having a credit card and debit card may increase spending for various reasons: You’ll have the idea of having to spend more money than you usually should, since no visible money is involved, our mind doesn’t registers it as a real purchase.

    Using this type of payment will not help us realize how much were actually spending

    5 Focus and Discipline. Becoming a millionaire makes us focus to know what we want, and empowers us to have the discipline to attain it! — that’s GOAL SETTING! This great manifestation only shows strong will-power and prioritization on the most important things needed to be done. Budgeting a certain amount from the income gained on a personal set time-frame, cutting expenses and creating new avenues for added income can help achieve your MILLIONAIRES GOAL! — It may be hard and not fun at the beginning, but this is how we, the FUTURE MILLIONAIRES, must be doing!

    6Optimism. One unique thing about hearing a MILLIONAIRE speak — especially the self-made ones!, is their optimism and the delight of being alive. A millionaires mind thinks that if there’s something wrong going-on they would look on the bright side, they move on, learning from the mistakes that happened. In addition, MILLIONAIRES enjoy their lives to the fullest! It more important to live rather than gaining more money that they already have; spending quality time with friends and family, dining in a fine class restaurant and pampering a little. However, the ability to identify the silver lining, an pushing forward to try again is what makes a MILLIONAIRE!