A Mother's Love


The 31 yrs. old Data Analyst and a married mother of three lovely kids, Chiqui Gepitulan of Cebu strives her best to give them the most out of what she does. “Chikay” as her friends call her, simply wants to own a house and provide good quality education for the kids. Owning a car and travelling with the family is just a plus for her.

According to Chikay, As an employee that pays at the minimum, it’s hard to earn money, that pushed her to work overtime and spend less time with the kids just to add an extra to the minimal income.

Before becoming as a Data Analyst, she had been working several jobs like being a Census Enumerator, a job that requires going around the designated area and knock door-to-door to gather data. She also worked at a BPO company as a Call Center Agent, worked tirelessly over graveyard shifts that made her sick so she stopped, then she ventured again as a Data Encoder but, eventually it luck wasn’t at her side. All those jobs paid less, even if some did pay more, it gave her health issues.

At her current work, she continued to look for other source of income that doesn’t require much of her time and doesn’t require to sell. Then she stumbled upon UNLIFORYOU Incorporated and saw a great opportunity to achieve all her dreams.

On an interview, the company asked Chikay:

I’m doing fine, But, I find it hard sometimes because of my time schedule, I’ve been working night shifts for three years now and I’m just concern with my health

So, how’s your work?

“I’m doing fine, But, I find it hard sometimes because of my time schedule, I’ve been working night shifts for three years now and I’m just concern with my health, I want to spend more time with my family and I still want to see and guide them as they grow”

What are your reason on joining the company?

“I joined UNLIFORYOU because I saw great potential in the company that would help me achieve my dreams for my kids – MY FAMILY! The company made me realize that poverty is not a hindrance to become successful in life, all you need is Hardwork, Determination, Right Vehicle, Proper Guidance and Mentoring.

That why I’m very thankful to CEO Danny Forio for his unwavering support and guidance thru the business.”

How did the opportunity of UNLIFORYOU impact your LIFE?

“It made a huge impact in our life! The rewards program of UNLIFORYOU gave me the chance to realize my dreams. Before, I need to work overtime just to have an extra income for the family, but, with the CLICK ADS program of the company, I now earn my overtime pay just by clicking advertisements in a fraction of the time I spend at work! Now, I have more time with my kids and family because of the UNLIFORYOU!”

“With LRP, Bonus Pool and Unilevel, I’m sure that my family’s future is secured!”

A woman of great dreams, believed in the opportunity found in UNLIFORYOU Incorporated – Properly mentored and equipped with marketing strategies and business tools that let her achieve time and financial stability.

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